Purpose-built plans for every eCom brand

Flexible, transparent per-shipment pricing for brands of all sizes.


Make launching easy

$1.90+ /order

<1k orders per month


Grow with confidence

$1.50+ /order

1k-5k orders per month


Flexible enterprise services

$1.00+ /order

5k+ orders per month

Save 10% to 25% with ultra-low shipping rates

Store one pallet for free and more for just $40 / mo

Add more items to shipments from just $0.12 each

Our team can do almost anything for $35 / hour

Free standard packaging on all orders

No other fees. That's literally everything. Seriously.

10/10 experience working with Boxtrot. Saved me hundreds of hours packing orders and our customer reorder rate has gone up 9%. Great communication, fast shipping, and awesome rates.

– Christian Lee, Founder, Tokyo Gost

Frequently asked questions

Why is Boxtrot so much cheaper than big 3PLs?

Boxtrot was born from trying to save money for our own brands. We invest in 2 things: our customers and our staff. No marketing spend, sales teams, or kombucha on tap. And we don't inflate our rates just because we can. The result is huge savings for you.

Can you integrate with my existing stack?

Yes we can! We support Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, Magento, Walmart, and more. Our open API means we can flexibly plug into an operation of any shape or size.

Why are people switching to Boxtrot?

There's more to it than saving money. As a boutique 3PL, we treat our customers like partners. Because we don't need to grow to survive, we can focus on exceptional service. Our larger competitors accept everyone, and it slows them down and costs you time and money. While it pains us to say no, we're willing to turn away brands that would inhibit us from best serving our existing partners.

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